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Did you spy us on the back of the Tranzit bus? 


What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is a campaign facilitated by REAP Wairarapa and supported by the Trust Lands Trust to encourage the development of Children’s language.

 A child’s brain grows faster during the first three years of their lives than at any other time.

We help through community engagement with childcare, Early Childhood Centres, playgroups, play centres and a range of community events.


Why – I spy?


Some of the best conversations happen in the car. And look what’s around you? Big buses!

 Our friends at Tranzit Group have been transporting people in the Wairarapa for 97 years. 

They have generously provided us with the use of the back of one of their award-winning coaches to help spread the word about Chatterbox!

 What better conversation starter than ‘i-spy with my little eye’.



Remember our easy method when talking with your under 5’s:

Chat – Talk to your children about what they can see

Hear – Listen to what they say

Answer – Give them an answer

Take time – They may take a while to come back to you – they are thinking about what to say.





The first words a baby speaks are words that she or he has heard from adults around them.

Thank you to our supporters